#1001 Special Event:  Australian Aboriginal Art, History & Culture

01/12/2021 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM MT


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#1001 Special Event: Australian Aboriginal Art, History & Culture (Note the time. This is to accommodate our panelists who will be coming to us on Zoom from Australia).

Presenter: Aaron Casey with panelists from Australia

Australia’s Aboriginal peoples convey their cultural stories via symbols and icons in their art. Indeed, Aboriginal art is centered around story telling. Stories record knowledge of the land, events, beliefs, and cultural norms. This has been so for 13,000 years. Aboriginal art is displayed in museums galleries throughout Australia and beyond, including here in the United States. It is visual art – in the sand, on tree bark, as jewelry, and on canvas – that informs a proud Aboriginal history, culture, heritage, legacy.


During our PILLAR masterclass on Aboriginal art, we will explore these twin themes: Storytelling through art and storytelling as art. We will learn how art is used today, as always, as a way to account for historical events, passed from one generation to the next. We will look at how art conveys knowledge of the land, the water, major life events, and more. We will explore the use of symbols as an alternative to written language to chronicle events of cultural significance, to teach struggle and perseverance, and to teach how to use the land.


Our presenters include an indigenous artist, an art gallery owner, and a museum curator; together they will bring about great understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture. Options to support and purchase art from community centers in local communities will be available.


This class will introduce participants to the aspirations, challenges, and lived realities of Australia’s indigenous (aboriginal) peoples, as expressed primarily through their visual, musical, and performance art. Initially, we will explore the broad sweep of aboriginal history, culture, and art – and then, quickly, we will hear from a panel of artists on the ground in Australia. We will hear the perspectives of (1) aboriginal ‘artist-mentors’ attached to Australia’s National Gallery of Art in Canberra and (2) practicing aboriginal artists at a collective near Alice Springs. There will be plenty of time to have questions and answers with the panelists.


Aaron Casey, MPA from the University of Texas at Austin. He has explored the history, culture, and art of a variety of peoples and places worldwide. He has lived in France, Zimbabwe, and the United Kingdom, and has deep experience as well in Ghana, Brazil, and South Africa. In recent years, he has collaborated with indigenous communities globally, including here in the USA with Washington’s Suquamish tribe. Tuesday, January 12, 2pm (Note the time. This is to accommodate our panelists who will be coming to us on Zoom from Australia)


$25 PILLAR Members/$40 Non-PILLAR Members

Tuesday, January 12, 2pm   (Note time:  this is to accommodate our presenter from Australia)