#2012 Truth, the Fact of the Matter

05/27/2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM MT


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#2012 Truth, the Fact of the Matter

Instructor: Daryl Kuiper

Truth is elusive. Let us examine this proposition at length by sharing insights and understandings. Let us look back at historic examples. What does science have to tell us? What does mathematics have to share with us? What are the implications for an everyday understanding of truth?


We will discuss “What is Truth?”  What does physics and mathematics have to say?  Historical perspectives of truth, deductive/inductive reasoning, the Incompleteness Theorem, the Uncertainty Principle, and what does the application of Probability theory tell us?


Daryl Kuiper, MA in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Colorado. He has been a teacher, business owner, plumbing inspector supervisor, and a school administrator.

Location: Zoom

Thursday, May 27, 10am

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